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Better Tomorrows Begin Today


GMSP® understands and manages its business with an emphasis on protecting and conserving the environment for today and future generations.

All GMSP® Placemats and Tray Covers are SFI certified and are available in either 100% Recycled Materials. (42% Post Consumer & 58% Post Industrial) or SFI certified virgin fibers.

Each Year By Printing On 100% Recycle Materials, We Are Saving:                    
  • 951,000 Gallons Of Gasoline
  • 161,670 Trees
  • 31,386 Cubic Yards Of Land Fill Space
  • 98,913,510 Kilowatts Of Electricity
  • 570,600 Pounds Of Air Pollutants
  • 3,423,600 Gallons Of Water
                               GMSP’s Environmental Sustainability Programs:        
  • Use Of Only Soy And Water Based Inks
  • 96% Of GMSP’s Raw Materials Are Harvested & Produced Locally (Within A 180-Mile Radius Of Oconto, WI)
  • 99.999% Of All Products We Offer Are Manufactured In North America
  • Comprehensive Recycling Program Maintains A 98.6% Recovery Rate for All Plant and Office Waste

GMSP’s Corporate Strategic Approach to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Implement the best available technologies and the most efficient procedures and operations
  • Analyze our facilities and processes to identify opportunities for improving environmental performance
  • Implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and ask our contractors and suppliers to do the same
  • Ensure that all facilities and operations comply with environmental protection regulations
  • We communicate with our valued employees to ensure awareness of our goals and objectives while supporting employee driven initiatives geared toward sustaining our valuable resources