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Better Tomorrows Begin Today


GMSP® understands and manages its business with an emphasis on protecting and conserving the environment for today and future generations.

All GMSP® Placemats and Tray Covers are SFI certified and are available in either 100% Recycled Materials. (42% Post Consumer & 58% Post Industrial) or SFI certified virgin fibers.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certification

SFI Inc. is an independent, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management in North America and supporting responsible procurement globally. The SFI Board is a three chamber Board of Directors representing environmental, social and economic interests equally. The program addresses local needs through its grassroots network of 37 SFI Implementation Committees across North America. SFI Inc. directs all elements of the SFI program including the SFI forest standard, chain-of-custody certification, responsible fiber sourcing requirements, labeling and marketing.

Consumers in growing numbers want assurance that their buying decisions represent a sound environmental choice. They are asking for proof that wood, paper and packaging products are made with raw materials from certified forest content or certified sourcing. The SFI Chain-of-Custody Standard and Associated Labels, implemented together with certification to the SFI 2010-2014 Standard and the SFI Rules For Use of On-Product Labels, delivers a reliable and credible mechanism so GMSP can provide this assurance to customers.

To attain our SFI certification, we also needed to achieve a separate third-party chain of custody certification. Chain of custody is an accounting system process that tracks wood fiber through the different stages of production. Studies have shown that consumers appreciate the value of forest certification in helping them identify wood and paper products from legal, responsible sources.

The fact that the SFI program can deliver a steady supply of fiber from well-managed forests is especially important at a time when there is increasing demand for green building and responsible paper purchasing, and only 10 percent of the world’s forests are certified. 


Each Year By Printing On 100% Recycle Materials, We Are Saving:                    
  • 951,000 Gallons Of Gasoline
  • 161,670 Trees
  • 31,386 Cubic Yards Of Land Fill Space
  • 98,913,510 Kilowatts Of Electricity
  • 570,600 Pounds Of Air Pollutants
  • 3,423,600 Gallons Of Water
                               GMSP’s Environmental Sustainability Programs:        
  • SFI Certified
  • Use Of Only Soy And Water Based Inks
  • 96% Of GMSP’s Raw Materials Are Harvested & Produced Locally (Within A 180-Mile Radius Of Oconto, WI)
  • 99.999% Of All Products We Offer Are Manufactured In North America
  • Comprehensive Recycling Program Maintains A 98.6% Recovery Rate for All Plant and Office Waste

GMSP’s Corporate Strategic Approach to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Implement the best available technologies and the most efficient procedures and operations
  • Analyze our facilities and processes to identify opportunities for improving environmental performance
  • Implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and ask our contractors and suppliers to do the same
  • Ensure that all facilities and operations comply with environmental protection regulations
  • We communicate with our valued employees to ensure awareness of our goals and objectives while supporting employee driven initiatives geared toward sustaining our valuable resources