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We are pleased to announce that GMSP recently renewed our Safety Quality Food (SQF) Certification as part of ongoing committment to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). 

Your question may be: How do these certifications benefit you, our valued customer?

Safe Quality Food 

SQF Certification means that GMSP is ranked in the top 25 percent of all audited facilities and exceeded SQF's stringent inspection standards. SQF uses these standards internationally, and they are based on a combination of FDA regulations, ISO standards, HACCP guidelines, as well as guidelines established by other regulatory groups. For you, it means that GMSP’s internal processes and procedures passed some of the toughest testing for direct and indirect food contact products and thus ensuring the quality and integrity of the products we supply to you. 

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certification

SFI Inc. is an independent, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management in North America and supporting responsible procurement globally. Consumers in growing numbers want assurance that their buying decisions represent a sound environmental choice. We must provide on an annual basis documented proof that wood, paper and packaging products are made with raw materials from certified forest content or certified sourcing. 

GMSP’s chain of custody certification allows our customers to use the SFI logo on the products we produce for them, thus ensuring your customers of your commitment to sustainability and the environment. 

SQF Certification

SAFE QUALITY FOOD (SQF) is a food safety management certification program, recognized worldwide and a popular choice of food companies in North America. SQF is benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

GMSP’s sought after classification will include quality requirements in addition to the food safety requirements and is appropriate for the organization that wants to have an integrated system for food safety and food quality. This certification would be similar to having an ISO 22000 system integrated with an ISO 9001! 

While few of our customers require that we hold any of the aforementioned certifications, we believe that the time, money and effort we invest into these programs make us a BETTER COMPANY and ultimately a better supplier partner to you, our valued customer.